DJI Spark

spark your aerial creativity

The DJI Spark is an ultra-compact mini-drone that combines DJI's most advanced intelligent flight features and flight technology to provide drone enthusiasts of any level with a fun and portable drone that can unleash the full potential of their aerial creativity.

DJI Spark

Seize the Moment

The DJI Spark is the ideal aerial companion to take with wherever your journey takes you. The Spark features industry-leading technology and design features for an easy, and ready-to-fly experience. The Spark features a fully stabilized 2-Axis gimbal system and an advanced camera capable of capturing 1080p video and 12-megapixel stills. Featuring all-new flight modes, streamlined controls, and a vision-based navigation system for reliable and safe flights, the DJI Spark is the perfect mini-drone for any aerial adventure.




Portable and Powerful


The DJI Spark is DJI's smallest and lightest drone yet and designed to be as user-friendly as possible for drone users of all levels. The Spark weights in at just 300 grams, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Designed with high-quality material, the Spark is built to be as compact as possible without sacrificing durability and power in the air. The Spark features propellers that can be attached or detached quickly and easily with a twist and lock mechanism. The series also offers drone pilots five different colour options including Lava Red, Alpine White, Meadow Gree, Sunrise Yellow, and Sky Blue.



DJI Spark 1

DJI Spark 2





Advanced Flight Performance

With a Spark in your hand, the skies are your personal canvas. With your Smartphone users can reach a maximum flight range of up to 100 metres, and with the Spark's remote controller, the Spark can reach a full range of 2 km. The Spark can additionally zip through the skies at up to 50 km/h. The Spark features a flight time of approximately 16 minutes and utilizes intelligent LiPo batteries that can self-discharge when put in long-term storage. In flight, the DJI Go 4 App will calculate the remaining flight time of the drone in real-time so that pilots can fly through the airways with ease.


DJI Spark 3
DJI Spark 4
DJI Spark 5

stabilized Gimbal System

The Spark is designed with a 2-Axis gimbal system and features DJI's UltraSmooth technology to reduce rolling shutter effect and any potential shakiness. The innovative stabilized gimbal system ensures that all shots are smooth and stable.

stunning Camera Quality

Users can capture amazing aerial footage from the skies. The Spark can shoot 1080p video and 12-megapixel stills and features a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor. The camera is built with a f/2.6 aperture wide-angle lens and a 25 mm focal length.

DJI Spark 6
DJI Spark 7




safe and intelligent flying


With an internal GPS, the Spark can automatically Return to Home and land itself exactly at its launch site. With its advanced software, the drone will also Return to Home if it detects that the battery it too low in relation to its range, or if it loses connection to the remote controller. Upon returning, the drone will actively observe its environment for any obstacles to ensure crash-free flights. The Spark features a FlightAutonomy system that includes the primary camera, a Vision Positioning System (VPS, a 3D Sensing system, 24 powerful computing cores and dual-band GPS. The FlightAutonomy system enables the Spark to precisely hover in place for easy control, and sense obstacles in front or below it up to 5 metres away.

ADvanced Intelligent Flight Modes





The Spark is able to intelligently recognize objects of all different shapes and sizes to track them autonomously as they move. In ActiveTrack Mode, users can have their Spark lock onto a subject in two different settings. In Trace, pilots can lock onto their target from behind or in the front, or alternatively have the Spark circle around the selected object. In Profile, the Spark will autonomously follow the subject at a fixed angle.

DJI Spark ActiveTrack

DJI Spark Gesture Mode



Gesture Mode


The Spark features the innovative new Gesture mode which enables users to launch, land, pilot, and take fun selfies all with the movement of their hand. Using FaceAware technology, the Spark can launch directly from the pilot's hand and land without a controller. With a simple wave, users can also capture selfies to relive any moment. Finally, with PalmControl, the Spark will pilot itself according to the user's hand movements.




TapFly Mode

With TapFly, pilots can control the piloting of their Spark by simply taping anywhere on their screen to have the drone fly in the selected direction. Using intelligent vision technology, the Spark will autonomously fly itself wherever you wish and capture any shot you envision while also actively detecting obstacles in its environment.


DJI Spark TapFly


New QuickShot Flight Modes


The Spark features four brand new creative QuickShot flight options so that users can easily capture dynamic and smooth shots with just a simple tap. In Rocket, the Spark qill automatically fly upwards while having the camera pointing downards. In Dronie, the Spark will fly up and down while the camera is locked onto a selected subject. In Circle, the drone will fly autonomously around an object. Finally in Helix the Spark will spiral upwards and around a subject.

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