DJI Authorized Repair Services by Dr Drone

Canada's official DJI Recommended Repair Service Centre

At Dr Drone, our team of skilled engineers have been trained and certified at official DJI headquarters to professionally repair all DJI drones including the Inspire, Mavic, Matrice and Phantom series. We diagnose all drones for free within 48-hours and will let you know the cost before moving forward with any repair. We also provide a fast 48-hour turnaround on all repairs so that you can get back to flying as quickly as possible. From system diagnostics to compass calibration, firmware updates and repairs, our expert technicians will ensure that every repair is professionally flight tested to guarantee that you can take to the skies with confidence.

Call toll free: 1-844-373-7663 email:

need your drone repaired?

Step 1: Call or Email Us with a brief description of your problem.

Step 2: Drop off your drone at our store or request a shipping label*.

Step 3: If sent a shipping label, print off the label and pack up your drone. (Drone and remote controller only. No batteries or other accessories required.) Drop the package off at your local Canada Post.

Step 4: Once your drone is received, our engineers will diagnose your drone free of charge and contact you with an official repair quote.

Step 5: Upon approval we repair your drone. Every drone is flight tested, calibrated, and updated before every return.

Step 6: After the repair is complete, we will send you a payment link to finalize the repair.

Step 7: Pick your drone up at our store location or have your drone shipped. Happy Flying!

*$25 Flat Rate Shipping across Canada

What Makes Us Different

Our Dr Drone team ensures that every repair is conducted with care and integrity. Our combination of officially trained expert technicians and unmatched customer service guarantee that every repair is performed professionally and correctly the first time so that you can get back to flying as fast as possible. Unlike other warranty repair centres, we offer a free diagnosis upon receiving your drone and will call you with an official quote before conducting the repair to ensure that the client is fully aware of the entire repair process. After completing the repair process we also thoroughly test fly, calibrate, and update the drone to ensure the repair is fully completed before sending it back. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best customer support in the country, so that those that have suffered an unfortunate crash, will be able to get back to flying in no time.

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