UAV Repairs By Dr. Drone

Drones are the most exciting and innovative pieces of technology available on the market today. Unfortunately, over time or with improper use, UAVs can sustain serious damages and malfunctions. Luckily, with the right care and proper maintenance and repair services, your drone will be able to soar through the skies for a long time to come. Here is some more information about how to keep your drone safe as well as the UAV repair services available from Dr. Drone, Canada’s number one supplier of high quality commercial drones. 

How to Keep Your Drone Protected

There are a number of ways to keep your drone safe and damage-free, including the following:

  • Use propeller guards on your UAV. Propeller guards are placed around the propeller blades of your drones to protect them from damage in case of an unexpected collision.
  • Follow any flight and programming instructions that come with you UAV very carefully—this is especially important for first-time fliers.
  • Don’t fly drones in areas where there are a high volume of people or obstacles for your UAV to crash into, and always warn anyone in the vicinity that you are flying a UAV.
  • If your drone is damaged or is malfunctioning in any way, however small, have it inspected by a professional technician as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have your drone assessed the worse the problem may become.

Professional Drone Repair Services From Dr. Drone

Sometimes accidents happen, even when we’ve done our best to prevent them. If your drone is damaged or malfunctioning, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have your UAV replaced. At Dr. Drone, we offer a number of drone repair services to restore your UAV to its former condition. Dr. Drone’s team of authorized engineers is happy to provide you with the professional service needed for your UAV. 

We also provide scheduled maintenance appointments and tune-ups from our technician team so you can keep your UAV in the best condition possible. If you don’t have a specific concern but you’ve been noticing a general decline in term of performance, bring you drone in to one of our specialists and we’ll help you get it flying like new. To keep your drone flying to the best of its abilities, stop by for a regular tune-up a few times a year and your UAV should be in top shape.

From regularly scheduled maintenance to unfortunate drone crashes, we have you covered! Contact us directly by phone, email or Live Chat with questions or to schedule your repair.  We offer some of the fastest repairs in the industry, including a two day maximum turnaround time. We charge an hourly rate of $120 for repair services and one of our technicians is always available to speak with you in person or by phone, email or Live Chat.


$120 / Hour
     *Excluding Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 Series