DJI OM 4: The Latest In Smooth, Stabilized Video

DJI OM 4: The Latest In Smooth, Stabilized Video

August 27, 2020

DJI OM 4: The Latest In Smooth, Stabilized Video

DJI has outdone itself again with the release of the OM 4, the newest version of the handheld stabilizer for your phone that helps you shoot smooth, stabilized video with the utmost quality. The DJI OM 4 is the 4th iteration of the Osmo Mobile line and improves upon the previous generation of handheld gimbals with upgraded hardware and nifty new software features.

redesigned for convenience

Instead of the adjustable clamp that came with the Osmo Mobile 3, the OM 4 comes with a brand new quick-release magnetic mount for your phone. Unlike previous Osmo Mobile models, the DJI OM 4 only requires the attachment of the light and discrete magnetic clamp to the phone.

This redesigned mount makes attaching and detaching your phone a breeze. The OM 4 will also go into sleep mode if the phone is detached from the gimbal, both saving battery and avoiding damage to the gimbal.

quick release Mount

For even more flexibility, the OM 4 comes with two different kinds of mounts in the box. The first is a clamp that you can easily attach to your phone, and the second is a ring holder that sticks onto your phone. Both mounts include a handy template to help you position the stick mount onto the phone with ultimate precision.


Stronger Motors

One of the biggest improvements of the new OM 4 is the fact that the motor is now stronger than ever. This provides a better stabilization experience and helps support larger, heavier phones (230g +/- 60g and up to 88mm wide and 10mm thick). The stronger motor not only allows for a wider variety of phones to enjoy shooting smooth, stable video, but also boasts a 15 hour battery life with only about a 2.5 hour charging time.

DJI Mimo App Software Features

ActiveTrack 3.0

ActiveTrack is one of DJI’s top software features, allowing you to track subjects quickly and with precision. The improved software on the DJI OM 4 recognizes smaller subjects even more accurately, allowing you to more closely follow people and pets. You can also use the onboard joystick to move the phone around, giving you better control over the video composition when tracking to ensure you get the perfect shot.

There are three ways to use ActiveTrack:

  • Press the trigger once, and the gimbal will center and start tracking the subject (this function must be first enabled in the settings)
  • Select the subject you want to track on the screen by tapping it or drawing a frame around it
  • Gesture Control, which involves you standing in front of the OM 4 and showing a specific gesture to trigger filming


If you’ve ever wanted to film like the professionals do, DynamicZoom is an excellent way to create cinematic shots with ease. DynamicZoom creates an intense and warping visual effect that makes videos look outstanding. This intriguing effect keeps the subject the same size in the frame while the camera moves toward it or away from it, which is comparable to the Dolly Zoom on the Mavic 2 Zoom drone.

Spin Shot


The “Spin Mode” on the new DJI OM 4 creates another film-like effect that will make your video appear like something straight out of the film Inception. When Spin Mode is enabled in settings, the joystick can be used to spin the phone, slowly turning the shot upside down for a mind-blowing effect. The OM 4 spins further than the Osmo Mobile 3, which allows you to fully spin the world on its head with this dynamic feature.

CloneMe Pano

Another cool feature of the new OM 4 is the CloneMe Pano mode, which is an enhanced panorama mode that allows you to multiply a person or object in the same photo. If you’ve ever wanted to take a group photo with just yourself, the CloneMe Pano mode is an excellent tool to create some interesting and hilarious shots.

Updated Gesture Control

Gesture Control is one of the handiest features of the Osmo Mobile models, as it allows you to take a photo without needing someone behind the camera to press the button. The new DJI OM 4 comes with an updated Gesture Control with improved tracking precision. It also can now be used to start and stop recording, which allows users to adjust their compositions while tracking instead of only centering it by default.

Included Accessories

The OM 4 comes with several included accessories that make storing and transporting it easier than ever.

  1. Magnetic Phone Clamp: this handy clamp can be used to quickly attach or detach the mobile phone from the gimbal.
  2. Magnetic Ring Holder: this offers another way to easily attach or detach the mobile phone from the gimbal.
  3. Wrist Strap: the wrist strap helps protect the DJI OM 4 by keeping it from falling to the ground during shooting.
  4. Storage Pouch: this is a sturdy yet soft cloth pouch that is handy for storing the gimbal and any other accessories.
  5. Grip Tripod: the grip tripod is the perfect tool to use for timelapse and selfies/vlogs.

DJI OM 4: Better Design, Better Features

DJI is constantly coming out with new drone and gimbal technology to improve filming capabilities and allow for smoother and more stable footage. The DJI OM 4 is better than ever, with countless features that make it a celebrated improvement to the Osmo Mobile 3. The quick-release magnetic mount is a great upgrade that makes the OM 4 even more convenient, while the new software features enable users to shoot a variety of creative shots very easily.

The ability of the DJI OM 4 to handle larger and heavier phones is perfect since the bigger, heavier phones usually have better cameras. The new OM 4 has clearly been carefully crafted to eliminate any of the shortcomings of previous models and provide newbies and professionals alike with the ability to capture striking footage. If stability is your goal, you can’t do any better than the OM 4.