DJI's New High Performance Accessories - Tracktenna, Cendence, and CrystalSky

DJI's New High Performance Accessories - Tracktenna, Cendence, and CrystalSky

May 23, 2017

DJI's New High Performance Accessories - Tracktenna, Cendence, and CrystalSky

Drone pilots will now be able to unleash the full potential of their DJI products and attain a more personalized flight experience thanks to a stream of recently announced DJI high performance accessories. The new DJI Tracktenna high-gain antenna, the Cendence Remote Controller and the new CyrstalSky monitor are specifically designed to optimize the user experience and take flights to the next level.

New accessories will help users get the most out of their DJI equipment

For those in professional industries including search and rescue, oil and gas, agriculture, filmmaking and more, these latest DJI accessories give users the opportunity to customize and optimize their equipment for an overall enhanced flight experience.


Wireless communication equipment needs to have excellent reception, be resistant to interference, and transmit a strong signal over long distances. Typically, the best way to attain a stable bandwidth is to point the remotes antennas towards the drone itself, but in environments with obstacles, movement restrictions, or magnetic interference doing this is not always the most effective way to get the best signal.

Tracktenna can easily extend the transmission signal of DJI Drones including the Inspire 2


With the enhanced gain and automatic repositioning of Tracktenna, professional drone operators can now achieve the best signal possible. Tracktenna can attain signals at both 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz frequencies. Signal reception is also 32 times stronger with 100 times less interference, and with the ability to jump between two frequencies Tracktenna can effectively garner the strongest signal possible and compensate for any potential cable power loss.

DJI Tracktenna

Tracktenna’s full potential is realized when used with DJI’s Cendence remote controller or the Inspire 2, able to transmit data at 10 Mbps within a 2 km range. In situations where long-distance flight is required, Tracktenna has a maximum range of 10 km.


Tracktenna can automatically adjust itself to point in the direction of the user's drone

Tracktenna can determine the antennas current heading and attitude by using its gyroscope, compass, barometer, accelerometer and GNSS module.

Cendence CrystalSky and Tracktenna

Tracktenna features autonomous repositioning for enhanced signal stability and reduced interference, even if the unit is mounted on a tripod or a vehicle such as a car or boat. When Tracktenna is paired with the data transmitted through a remote controller, it can analyze the positioning of the drone and autonomously point in its direction.


Tracktenna is compatible with the Cendence remote controller, the Inspire 2 and the Matrice 200 series and can be used to enhance a variety of applications including filmmaking, search and rescue, agriculture, energy and more.


The new Cendence remote controller combines the latest DJI releases including the Inspire 2, Tracktenna, and the CrystalSky monitor into one fully optimized system. With the remotes brand new and innovative design, users can have all the components of their products and controls in one convenient unit. The Cendence controller is compatible with various DJI products but is primarily made to unlock the full potential of the Inspire 2.

The Cendence Remote Controller is optimized for the Inspire 2 system

The Cendence controller features five analog control channels and ten customizable buttons to further personalize the user experience with DJI products. The controller features antenna interchangeability so that drone pilots have the option to choose a high-gain antenna or alternatively, DJI's new Tracktenna.


The remote features customizable buttons for more convenient piloting

The Cendence remote controller features two front knobs that can control the gimbal's yaw and pitch. The controllers right and left levers, as well as the Focus Adjustment Knob can fine tune the flight control settings and the gimbal camera unit in real-time. This enables users to conveniently pull the focus or set the aperture.


Users can also make camera adjustments by customizing several buttons for different types of settings or there most frequently used settings. The customizable buttons can be used for a variety of functions including focus peaking, colour waveform, or obstacle avoidance without having to use the app. Users can additionally rotate dials or the toggle of the right or left levers while pressing certain buttons to control camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO, aperture or gimbal roll.

Dual Operator Controls and Multiple Ports

The Cendence Controller is capable of connecting to a master or slave controller with the Inspire 2's remote or an additional Cendence controller. The Cendence Controller features multiple SDJI and HDMI ports that can stream at 1080p 50fps footage or 720p 60fps footage. With the CAN ports, users can attain a more stable transmission over a long-range by bouncing between both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies. When Tracketenna is used with the Inspire 2 users can get a maximum transmission speed of 10Mbps within a 2km range.


Cendence can run for up to four hours in ideal conditions

Users who operate the Cendence controller can easily detach the battery from the remote and still run the unit for up to four hours. If the user runs out of power they can swap out another battery or charge the controller directly with a power port. The Cendence remote controller uses the same batteries as the CrystalSky Monitors. Cendence is currently only compatible with the Matrice 200 and the Inspire 2.


CrystalSky features an ultra-bright screen for easy viewing in bright environments

The new CrystalSky monitor was specifically designed to be used with the DJI Go App as well as DJI products to give pilots the best view of their footage possible.


With the CrystalSky Monitor, users can view their footage even in extremely bright environments. The monitor on Crystal Sky is four times brighter than any other mobile device on the market with a maximum of 2000 cd/m2 brightness. Images are sharp, and colours are rich, so that pilots can have a perfect look at what they are shooting to further fine tune their shots and get the exact footage they envision. The screen additionally features a dedicated Sunlight Readability Enhancement mode which is made to process images in real-time to ensure a better viewing experience in bright conditions.


The CrystalSky monitor features a two cell 4920 mAh secondary external battery to give the monitor an extended operating time. The monitor can support quick charging and can dependably control its discharge rate even in low temperatures. The 7.85" screen has 4-5 hours of battery life while the 5.5" screen has a max flight time of 5-6 hours.


Users can extend the storage of their CrystalSky Monitor, or alternatively, footage can be recorded onto the Micro SD Card to be played directly back onto the monitor. The dual Micro SD cards can also serve as reliable footage backups.


The new monitor features HDMI port allows 4K video to be output via FPV goggles or other display devices. The monitor is additionally compatible with 4G dongles and USB storage.


The CrystalSky monitor is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can operate in temperatures ranging from -4 to +104 degrees Farenheit. The monitor has a battery life of up to 6 hours in ideal conditions with a secondary external battery.


The CrystalSky monitor can easily connect to the Phantom 4, Phantom 3, Matrice, Inspire and Osmo series over a Wi-Fi connection or via a remote controller USB Port. It can additionally connect to the Cendence remote controller without a special mounting bracket.