Tello Edu


In The Box:

  • 1x Aircraft
  • 4x Propeller Pair
  • 1x Propeller Guard Set
  • 1x Flight Battery
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 4x Mission Pad
  • 1x Propeller Removal Tool

Tello EDU is a powerful and programmable drone that is ideal for educational purposes. Programming languages like Scratch, Python, and Swift are simple to learn. Tello EDU now has an improved SDK 2.0 that includes more powerful commands and data interfaces. Tello EDU includes DJI's flight control technology as well as Electronic Image Stabilization. Develop remarkable AI functions by writing code to instruct many Tello EDUs to fly in a swarm. With Tello EDU, programming has never been so much fun!

You may use one device to program numerous Tello EDUs at the same time. Control a swarm of Tello EDUs using code, allowing them to fly over Mission Pads and execute flips and other acrobatic maneuvers. Improve your programming abilities while stretching your imagination!

Mission Pads are an excellent tool for improving programming precision. They work as both guiding points and trigger devices. To broaden your possibilities and test the limitations of Tello EDU, program with the unique knowledge included within each Mission Pad. You may develop code that allows your aircraft to identify the unique ID of each Missions Pad and execute aerial acrobatics. Bring your creativity to life by commanding a swarm of Tello EDUs.


Type: Drones