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Package Includes: 

  • 1x Drone
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Full Set of Propellers and 1 extra set (CW + CCW)


A Powerful Mini-Drone

The DJI Spark is the perfect mini drone to take with you on your next aerial adventure. The compactly designed drone features a fully stabilized 2-axis gimbal system and a camera that is capable of capturing 12-megapixel stills, 1080p HD video, and as a bonus, aerial selfies with just a simple hand gesture. The drone can reach a top speed of 31 mph and features up to 16 minutes of flight time. The Spark additionally features an internal GPS and vision=based navigation for stable and reliable flying, a variety of intelligent flight modes, and a 3D obstacle avoidance system.


A Compact Design

The Spark is designed to be small and compact with all new personalized colour options that include Sky Blue, Sunrise Yellow, Lava Red, Alpine White, and Meadow Green. The Spark itself only weighs 300 grams and can fit in the palm of your hand and is designed with extremely durable, high-quality material that makes the drone very solid in the air.The Spark’s propellers can easily be attached or detached thanks to a quick twist and lock mechanism. Pilots simply twist the propeller on while pushing down to lock the propeller into place. The propellers are designed with extremely sturdy reinforced carbon fibre to prevent potential damage. The propellers are fold up so that users can easily store and transport them wherever their adventure leads them.


Battery Life

The DJI Spark can fly up to 16 minutes and the basic Spark kit includes one 140w battery. The battery features LED status lights so that pilots can easily view how much battery life they have. Using the USB charger, the battery takes approximately 80 minutes to charge fully.


Range and Flight Performance

The Spark can fly up to 50 kph. And can withstand high wind speeds up to 20-28 kph. When controlling the Spark with your phone users can expect up to 100 metres of range. With the remote controller, users can extend the drones range to a full 2 km.


Fully Integrated Camera and Gimbal System

The DJI Spark features a 2-axis mechanical gimbal and DJI’s UltraSmooth technology that will reduce any shake or rolling shutter effect. The innovative system keeps shots extremely smooth and stable, without any loss of detail.


Upgraded Optics

The Spark features a camera with a f/2.6 aperture wide-angle lens with a 25mm equivalent focal length for a stunning wide, yet not distorted image view.


Shooting Modes

Pano Mode: Pano Mode allows users to shoot horizontal and vertical panoramas for more creative and unique shots

Shallow Focus: The Spark’s 3D vision technology captures photos with a shallow depth of field


720 Video Downlink

Using your Smartphone, users can get approximately 100 metres of range. With the remote controller, users can get approximately 2 km of range. The Spark features both 2.4 GHz and 5.8. GHz transmission capabilities for more reliability in the air, and an overall stronger signal with less interference. The DJI Spark will allow users to view a live-feed at up to 720p.


Innovative Gesture Mode Control

Quick Launch: Using FaceAware technology, the Spark can launch from the pilot’s hand as well as land, without the need for a remote controller.

Selfie: With a simple wave of your hand, users can move the spark and get the Spark to take quick and easy selfies to capture every moment.

PalmControl: With PalmControl, the Spark will follow the user's hand movements without the need for a remote.


QuickShot Video Modes

With four different QuickShot options, users now have a fun and easy way to capture stunning, dynamic shots with just an easy tap.

Rocket: In Rocket Mode, the Spark will ascend and have the camera point downward

Dronie: The drone will fly upward and back with the camera locked onto a subject

Circle: The drone will autonomy circle around a subject

Helix: Have your drone fly up while spiraling around a subject


In ActiveTrack Mode, the Spark can lock onto a subject and features two different settings.

Trace: With Trace, users can track their target from the back or front, and even have the drone circle around the subject
Profile: The Spark will actively follow the selected subject from a fixed angle


In TapFly users can simply tap anywhere on their display and have the Spark fly in that direction. TapFly features two different modes.

Sports Mode

In Sports Mode, users can zip through the skies at a top speed of 31 mph. This mode is ideal when shooting fast-moving objects or when you are simply looking to race through the skies.

Return to Home

Thanks to its internal GPS, the Spark can return to the place it launched from autonomously. The drone also features software that will have the drone automatically Return to Home if the battery is too low, or if the remote controller loses its signal. The drone can actively assess its environment for obstacles upon its return.

Instant Editing and Sharing

With the DJI Go 4 App, pilots can easily edit their footage using automatic editing templates or an array of filters. Users can quickly edit and share their images and footage directly from the app to any preferred social media channel.

Intelligent Batteries

The DJI Spark uses an intelligent and high-quality LiPo battery for optimal flight performance. The batteries feature automatic self-discharging when placed in long-term storage, and via the DJI Go 4 App, will estimate remaining flight time in real-time as you soar through the airways so that you can fly with peace of mind.