Introducing the Ronin-MX 

The revolutionary DJI Ronin-MX is the first gimbal of its kind that can be used both on the ground or in the air. With its innovative two-point cage the gimbal system is capable of continuous 360 rotation as well as providing users with extremely smooth, steady footage with almost any camera. 


With its powerful IMU's and motors the Ronin-MX can be kept extremely stable and hold its horizon even when mounted to an aircraft or vehicle. 

ronin mx

Dynamic Movement 

The Ronin-MX can move continuously a full 360° when equipped to a drone or vehicle. The Ronin-MX has a tilt axis range from 90° shooting straight down to beyond to 135°.

ronin mx film

Wireless Transmission 

Long-range HD video from the skies up to 5 km away is possible thanks to DJI's groundbreaking Lightbridge 2 system. 

App Control 

With DJI Assistant users can completely customize the controls of their Ronin-MX for ultimate convenience and easy of use. 

ronin mx app control