DJI Mavic - PolarPro Filters 3-Pack (CP/ND8/ND16)


PolarPro FIlter 3-Pack CP/ND8/ND16

The DJI Mavic Filter 3-Pack features three different filters including the Circular Polarizer (CP) filter to help reduce glare and increase the saturation of colour, the ND8 filter which reduces shutter speed for overcast days, and the ND16 filter for filming on bright and sunny days. Each filter reduces shutter speed for smoother and more cinematic looking video footage. 
The PolarPro filters are designed with PolarPro's AirFrame construction for an extremely light-weight design for the smoothest gimbal movement possible. With a press-fit design, the filters for the DJI Mavic lens can be quickly installed or removed. Each filter set also comes with a custom carrying case for easy transport and safety of the filters.