Matrice 600 - Z15 Series Gimbal Mounting Connector (Part 2)



Z15 series gimbals provide highly stable gimbal stabilization systems designed for specific cameras. Using the Z15 Gimbal Mounting Kit, the various Z15 series gimbals can be mounted on the Matrice 600 for high quality aerial imaging. The kit provides mounting hardware and the cables required for power, video transmission and control signal to the gimbal from the Matrice 600. The Kit includes a CAN BUS cable that allows the Z15 GCU to co-ordinate with the A3 flight controller to maintain accurate orientation and eliminate horizon drift.

In the box

  • Power Connect Cable × 1
  • 4 PIN Cable × 1
  • 7 PIN Cable × 1
  • Active Lock × 4
  • Damper × 12
  • Screws