Matrice 200

The Ultimate Commercial Drone 

The new Matrice 200 is a drone specifically designed by drone heavyweight DJI for industrial and commercial usage. Whether you are looking to conduct bridge inspections, search and rescue missions, or agricultural surveys, the Matrice 200 is the ultimate drone to conduct any industrial mission. 


The Matrice 200 series will come in three different versions. First, the Matrice 200 which features one downward facing mount. Second, the Matrice 210 which features two downward facing mounts, or an optional upward facing mount. And finally, the Matrice 210 RTK for extremely accurate and precise navigation.

Portable, Fold-Down Design 

The Matrice 200 features an innovative foldable design to ensure the aircraft is easily portable, even in the most difficult of environments. 

Extreme Weather Resistance 

The Matrice 200 series features IP53 classification protection from dust and rain, making the drone the ideal choice for use in extreme weather situations. 

Extended Range and Battery Life 

The Matrice 200 series features a dual-battery system for an extended flight time. The M200 can fly for a maximum of 35 minutes. The batteries are also self-heating so that they maintain their charge even in cold temperatures. The Matrice 200 additionally has a maximum extended range of 7 kilometers. 

Multiple Camera Options 

The Matrice series can support the Zenmuse X4S, X5S, XT, and Z30 cameras. Additionally, the Matrice 210 can support multiple payloads so that users can pick and choose the perfect cameras for any job. 

Industrial Heavyweight 

The Matrice 200 series gives drone users across all industries the perfect tool to conduct more accurate, precise, and efficient inspections to optimize operations and keep workers safer.