Matrice 100 Smarter Farming Package



In the Kit

  • Matrice 100 (drone, remote, battery charger, 5x propellers) 
  • 1x Visual Sensor
  • 1x Multispectral Sensor
  • 1x Travel Case
  • 1 Year License Card for DataMapper/Data inField
  • 4x TB48D Battery
  • 1x Charging Hub
  • 1x Monitor Hood 

The Matrice 100 Smarter Farming Package is a package that includes DJI's Matrice 100 aerial platform with PrecionHawk’s Smart Farming Software, providing users with a cost-efficient, accurate tool to improve yields and optimize operations. 

With the Matrice 100 Smart Farming Package users can:

  • Optimize or estimate crop yields
  • Pinpoint threats such as weeds or pests before they worsen
  • Survey large areas of land within minutes 
  • Optimize inputs such as seeds, nitrogen, and water
  • React quicker threats such as pests, fungi, and weeds
  • Receive real-time aerial information to improve variable rate prescriptions

The Matrice 100 - A Powerful and Customizable Industrial Aerial Platform

The Matrice 100 is a drone DJI specifically designed for developers and researchers looking for a customizable aerial platform. A wide variety of applications including inspections, search and rescue, and more can all benefit from the powerful, and customizable system of the DJI Matrice 100

The drone combines the benefits of a ready-to-fly platform with a customizable model. The Matrice 100 can be equipped with DJI’s Zenmuse aerial camera and gimbal line, or alternatively, any compact third-party cameras. The modular and stackable bays simplify adding additional components to the drone including a secondary battery or any control extensions, while the propellers arms can be slightly more angled to increase the drone’s torque.

The Matrice 100 comes with a flight controller, GPS, the Lightbridge system, a dedicated controller, propulsion system and battery, so users can easily get their drone flying steadily and reliably in the air effortlessly.

Innovative Design

The Matrice 100’s N1 flight control system uses DJI’s innovative Lightbridge technology. With this, users can use a smart device to control the aircraft, view live video, or even view maps in addition to using the included remote control transmitter. In addition to the Lightbridge system, DJI SDK enables developers to create totally customizable software that is ideal for those using the aerial platform in very specific or specialized applications.

Made with lightweight carbon fibre the Matrice 100 is sturdy and durable, enabling it to handle flight in all weather conditions. It is also built very rigid to reduce vibrations and increase stiffness in the air.

Multiple Expansion Bays

The Matrice 100 features various expansion bays that allow the user to add additional components to the drones flight control system that include a customized payload or any other third party devices. Users can add components to the Matrice including sensors, computing boards, communication tools, cameras and more to the drone to complete any complex job that requires a reliable bird's eye view. The Matrice 100 series has two expansion bays that are included in the kit. Other additional bays are sold separately.

Power and Communication Ports

Pilots can connect a wide range of third-party devices to their Matrice 100 and have data transmitted to the ground all in real time. The drone features dual parallel CAN bus ports so that users can connect DJI devices such as the Guidance sensor system to the drone. The Matrice also has dual parallel UART ports to connect any other third party accessories.

Optional Dual Battery Compartments

Equipped with dual battery compartments the Matrice 100’s battery life can extend up to 40 minutes with two TB48D batteries giving users plenty of time in the air to get the job done. *Flight times are based on flight conditions, payload and more

Customizable Balancing
Due to the Matrice 100’s customizable design, users can slide battery and other components around where it is most convenient while keeping the drone balanced.

Increase Torque

The Matrice 100’s propeller arms can be tilted by 3-degrees to increase the drones yaw torque and for greater overall response.

Enhanced Vibration Damping Design

Key components of the Matrice 100 are designed with carbon fibre to increase stiffness as well as reduce vibrations in the air. Each arm of the Matrice 100 is built with soft vibration absorbing material that is specially made to eliminate any movement coming from the drones motors, keeping all of the drones critical components stable in the air while also enabling more precise navigation.

Landing Gear

The Matrice 100 features landing pads that are installed at the base of each arm to protect the drone during landing. The pads protect the overall system and reduce any potential impact when hitting the ground. The Landing gear can be removed for future replacement of upgrades.

Built to Last

The Matrice 100 is designed with durable and lightweight carbon fibre to reduce vibrations in the air as well as increase stiffness.

Customizable and Programmable

With the DJI SDK system, developers can create custom programs that are tailored to any industrial application.


The Matrice 100 features a long range remote controller that has an operating distance of up to 1.2 miles within line of site. The unit comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, a USB port so that users can connect a mobile device, fully adjustable controls, as well as a mini HDMI port to connect FPV goggles or a separate monitor.

Device Support

Via the DJI Pilot App pilots can view a live feed of what their drone’s camera sees, as well as view telemetry data. Additionally, users can have access to a real-time map.

Foldable GPS Unit

Compared to other DJI designs, the Matrice 100’s foldable mount helps users to track their drone’s position in real time while also providing gaster satellite acquisition and improved position holding.

Upgraded Propulsion System 

The Matrice 100 is designed with an upgraded version of the DJI E800 electric propulsion system. The four brushless motors and four electronic speed controllers (ESCs) are all integrated into the platform for complete control during flight, giving the Matrice 100 an increased payload capacity for more freedom to build the exact system the user requires. 


The DJI Guidance system utilizes optical flow technology as well as sonar data for accurate positional data when GPS is not available. The Guidance system work with altitudes up to 65’.