Lightbridge 2 Ground Unit



The Lightbridge 2 Ground unit is a fully integrated video receiver as well as remote controller powered using an inbuilt long lasting LiPo battery. The ground unit provides HDMI and SDI video outputs for relaying to a separate screen or for broadcast. The ground unit features a convenient device holder that can hold tablet devices upto 170mm wide. Provides controls for flight and for camera control. Multiple Ground Units can be paired to each other for various tasks. 


Fully compatible with the DJI Go Android and iOS app, providing the user real-time video downlink and flight telemetry with a supported flight controller. When paired with the DJI A3 flight control system, Lightbridge 2 simplifies the overall system in terms of setup as well as usage. 

This controller can be used as the Slave controller for Lightbridge 2.
Transmit the same live HD view wirelessly to several devices by connecting multiple remote controllers in Master-Slave mode. Increase efficiency by working together to accomplish complex imaging and broadcasting tasks.
Lightbridge 2 supports up to one Master and three Slave devices at the same time, so the pilot, gimbal operator, director, and broadcast team can all receive the video signal and monitor the shooting process from different places.

The Remote Controller has a transmission distance of up to 3.1 miles (5 km), and supports live broadcasting.
It includes a gimbal dial, shutter control and record button, Return-to-Home button, as well as customizable buttons.
The 6000mAh rechargeable battery has LED lights to indicate the battery status. Equipped with USB, mini-HDMI and 3G-SDI ports, and supports dual video output, framing and live transmission simultaneously.
Lightbridge 2 makes complex professional aerial broadcasting a breeze.