Lightbridge 2



Broadcast everything live - from global news events to sports to your local concerts and gatherings, all directly to
large-screen displays, multi-million YouTube audiences and
standard TV channels.

The Lightbridge 2 has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of professional broadcasting at high
frame rates and HD clarity. USB, mini-HDMI and 3G-SDI ports support video output at up to 1080p/60fps or broadcast
standard output of 720p/59.94fps and 1080i/50fps.


With a new, powerful hardware encoder and advanced algorithms, total latency has been significantly reduced to as
low as 50ms.* So fly FPV, see what your camera sees, and capture footage as never before.

Aircraft and camera control signals are also transmitted over Lightbridge 2 at lightning fast speeds, giving you smooth,
responsive navigation as you fly or direct your camera.

*Latency does not include camera latency. Effective latency is dependent on local conditions and interference.


The Lightbridge 2 air unit combines a receiver and a video downlink over a 2.4GHz digital link simplifying setup and wiring.


Fully compatible with the DJI Go Android and iOS app, providing the user real-time video downlink and flight telemetry with a supported flight controller. When paired with the DJI A3 flight control system, Lightbridge 2 simplifies the overall system in terms of setup as well as usage. 


Lightbridge 2 supports a simultaneous video downlink from two sources onboard the aircraft. Typically one downstream can be used for a FPV pilot camera and one can be used for the main payload video downlink. Variety of inputs supported including HDMI, AV and EXT (for DJI Gimbals and Cameras). Input selection and video downlink quality can be easily controlled through the DJI Go app.


The Lightbridge 2 Ground unit is a fully integrated video receiver as well as remote controller powered using an inbuilt long lasting LiPo battery. The ground unit provides HDMI and SDI video outputs for relaying to a separate screen or for broadcast. The ground unit features a convenient device holder that can hold tablet devices upto 170mm wide. Provides controls for flight and for camera control. Multiple Ground Units can be paired to each other for various tasks.