Inspire 1 Pro Accessory Combo

Kit Includes 

  • 1x Inspire 1Pro Kit (Aircraft, Remote, Camera, 8x propellers, 1x TB47 Battery, Case, Charger)

  • 2x TB48 Battery

  • 1x Charging Hub

  • 1x Car Charger

  • 1x Monitor Hood (Up to 8”)

  • 2x 1345T Propeller Kits

A Ready-To-Fly Professional Aerial System

The Inspire 1 Pro is a ready-to-fly, easy professional filmmaking system that will enable any user to capture stunning Hollywood worthy shots.

Micro Four Thirds Camera

The Inspire 2 Pro is compatible with the Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras, which are the most advanced Micro Four Thirds aerial imaging cameras. Each camera can capture stunning 4K video at 30 frames per second and 16-megapixel still in DNG RAW mode. The X5R can shoot 4K RAW video, so users can have more detail to work with in the post-editing process.

The Zenmuse cameras can each be removed from the Inspire 1’s body for easy storage or any future upgrades.

Flight Time

With brand new motors and propellers, users can expect 15-18 minutes of flight time with the Zenmuse X5 camera and 13-15 minutes with the X5R camera. 

DJI Go App

With the DJI Go App users get full control over the camera when the drone is in the air. Pilots can utilize auto focus mode to perfect their footage, or change their shutter speed and aperture. The app also enables users to control flight, launch and land their drone, and activate various intelligent flight modes.