DJI Spark Filters Cinema Series Vivid Collection


PolarPro DJI Spark Cinema Series Vivid Collection

The PolarPro DJI Spark Cinema Series Vivid Collection is made with the highest-quality materials to guarantee users capture the most enhanced, smoothest, and cinematic imagery possible.

Superior craftsmanship is at the forefront of PolarPro’s mind when designing their filters. Each filter, which includes the ND4/PL, the ND8/PL, and the ND16/PL are constructed with Cinema-Grade, production level glass with AR coatings. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, the filters are designed to be durable and lightweight for optimal performance. All PolarPro filters also come with a lifetime guarantee, and are extensively tested to ensure seamless compatibility with the DJI Spark. The PolarPro DJI Spark Cinema Series Vivid Collection is guaranteed to take any drone pilots footage to brand new heights.

Filters Included:

ND4/PL (rotatable): The ND4/PL is a rotatable filter, which is comparable to a standard polarizer filter. This is a great all around polarizer and reduces 2 stops of light, making it ideal for darker lighting such as sunset or sunrise.

ND8/PL (rotatable): The ND8/PL Spark filter will reduce the cameras shutter by 3-stops, as well as enhance colour saturation by reducing glare. The ND filter will slow down shutter speed for smoother, more cinematic imagery. The ND8/PL is ideal for partly cloudy days.

ND16/PL (rotatable): The ND16/PL will reduce the camera shutter speed by 4-stops and reduce glare. This filter is ideally used on sunny or partly cloudy days.