Multipack HEX Charger


The DJI Hex charger is a high power multi battery pack charger that can charge upto six total batteries for the Inspire 1 and Matrice 100/600 aircrafts. The charger is powered by a high quality 600W switching mode power supply that is capable of providing continuous surge free current to charge the batteries. 

Note: This charger is not compatible with Phantom, Mavic, Inspire 2 or Matrice 200 series batteries. Battery port 5 and 6 are shared with the two remote controller ports and charging will slow down if remotes and batteries are connected together.



Model: MC6S600

Compatible Batteries:
  • Inspire 1 Series Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47/TB48)
  • Matrice 100 Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47D/TB48D)
  • Matrice 600 Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47S/TB48S)
  • Compatible Remote Controller:
  • Inspire 1 Series Remote Controller
  • Matrice 100 Remote Controller
  • Matrice 600 Remote Controller
  • Lightbridge 2 Remote Controller
  • Phantom 4 Remote Controller
  • Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced/4K Remote Controller
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
  • DC Output: 26.1 V; 0 to 3.83 A (Battery Port); 0 to 2 A (Remote Controller Port)
  • Weight: 2140 g