Mavic Pro



Package Includes: 

• 1x Mavic Pro 
• 1x Battery
• 1x Remote Controller
• 1x Charger/Cables
• 1x Full Set of Propellers + 1 Extra Set (CW + CCW)

A Portable, Powerful Drone 

The Mavic Pro is a compact drone with all new innovative features that make it the perfect drone for pilots who always find themselves on the go. The drone features a host of sensors for stable flying, a 4K 12-megapixel camera, and an advanced obstacle avoidance system along with a fold-down design, for a drone that is capable of capturing your next aerial vision.

Extended Range

With an innovative long-range OcuSync transmission the Mavic Pro is capable of flying within a range of up to 7 km while supporting a 720p HD video live-feed or a 1080p HD transmission within a shorter range. With OcuSync transmission technology, the system will assess all available frequencies to find the one that will give you the least amount of interference.

Stability in the Air

Even if flying in high winds, the Mavic Pro is extremely stable for its small size. Compared to the Phantom 4 series the Mavic Pro is just as steady. According to DJI, The Mavic Pro can keep steady in winds that are up to 40 mph.

Precise and Accurate Landing

The Mavic Pro is designed with precision landing technology that enables the drone to accurately land in almost the exact spot the pilot launched their drone from. When the Mavic is launched, its two downward facing vision sensors will record a burst video of the ground below and pair that footage with its satellite coordinates. Once the drone is told to fly home, the Mavic will remember the coordinates and match the information with the video previously recorded.

Edit and Share

Straight from the DJI Go 4 App, users can select from a variety of video editing templates and filters to quickly edit their footage and upload it to any preferred social media channel including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. 

Intelligent Flight Batteries

The Mavic Pro features an intelligent flight battery system that will take into account the drone batteries remaining voltage. Temperature and more to calculate the Mavic’s remaining flight time. The drone also features effective battery management that will prevent overcharging and over draining.

If the batteries are placed in long-term storage the batteries will automatically discharge to 50% to maintain better health. When flying in cold conditions, the Mavic battery will activate low-temperature detection that will detect the available power based on the temperature of the battery.

Obstacle Avoidance 

The Mavic will enable users to fly through the skies with peace of mind thanks to its comprehensive obstacle avoidance system. 
While in flight, the Mavic is constantly analyzing the environment to see where it can fly and what objects it needs to avoid. When sensing an object the Mavic can fly around it or stop in place and hover. The Mavic features front facing and bottom facing obstacle avoidance sensors and can spot objects in its path that are up to 50 feet in front at a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

The Mavic collects information via 2 cameras on the bottom and top of its body, the main camera, its dual-band satellite positioning system (GPS and GLONASS), 2 ultrasonic sensors, redundant sensors, as well as 24 powerful computing cores that make a live 3D map of the environment the drone is flying in so that the aircraft knows exactly where any obstacles may appear. The drones 24 computing cores ensure that the Mavic’s system can detect and react to any obstacles faster even when the drone is flying at fast speeds.

Stabilized Gimbal System 

The Mavic Pro's stabilized 3-axis gimbal system ensures that the camera cancels out all unwanted movement for the smoothest and most shake-free video possible.

HD Video

The Mavic Pro can capture stunning 4K video at 30 frames per second or full HD 1080p video at 96 frames per second. The Mavic camera’s minimum focus distance is only 19” making the Mavic the perfect drone for capturing anything from selfies to stunning landscapes. 

Photo Quality

Users can take high-quality 12-megapixel for shots with stunning colour, detail, and resolution. Users can also have the option to flip their drones camera 90-degrees for portrait shots. 


Intelligent Flight Modes 


The Mavic has been trained to recognize subjects like animals, cars, and people. With the tap of a button, the Mavic can lock onto any given subject so that users can take easy, dynamic shots. ActiveTrack features three different modes. 

Trace: In Trace Mode users can follow a selected subject behind or in front, or even circle the subject as it moves
Profile: Users can fly alongside the subject  
Spotlight: Users can keep the drone locked onto a subject while they fly their drone anywhere they choose 


Pilots can snap the perfect selfie without the need for a remote controller. The Mavic can automatically detect the subject and with the simple raise or wave of your arms lock onto you and snap a photo after you’ve made a box shape with your hands. Once you see a light flash the Mavic would start a three-second countdown before taking a shot.




Tripod Mode

Tripod Mode will slow down the Mavic’s speed to just 2 mph as well as lower the joysticks sensitivity for more precision and smoother overall shots.

Sports Mode

In Sports Mode, the Mavic can reach a top speed of 40 mph. Users can use this mode for fun, racing, or for when shooting a subject that is moving fast. 

Terrain Follow

In Terrain Follow mode, the Mavic will use its height information collected by its ultrasonic system and downward facing camera to stay the same height as the ground while flying and shooting. In this mode, users can set the height they want their Mavic to be from the ground to get the exact shot they envision. 


In TapFly Mode users can simply tap anywhere on their screen and have the drone automatically fly in that direction.