Matrice 600

In The Kit

  • Matrice 600 
  • Center Frame (Includes A3 and Lightbridge 2)
  • 6x Frame Arms with the Propeller Holder 
  • 2x Landing Gear Legs
  • Landing Skid
  • Left Retractable Module
  • Right Retractable Module
  • 2x Retractable Module Mounting Rods
  • 2xx Retractable Module Brackets
  • Radio Controller Transmitter
  • 6x TB47S Flight Batteries
  • 2x Charging Hubs
  • 2x Springs
  • 2x Battery Chargers
  • AC Power Cable for Charger
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • GPS-Compass Pro
  • GSP Mount
  • 6x Arm Stoppers
  • Landing Gear Stopper
  • 6x Knobs with Gasket
  • Screws Set
  • Double Sided Tape Set
  • Tape
  • Battery Stickers
    • Matrice 600

      The Matrice 600 is DJI’s aerial platform specifically designed for professional and industrial applications. The Matrice 600 combines the DJI A3 flight controller, the Lightbridge 2 system, and an intelligent battery management system for optimal performance.

      Designed for Professional Performance 

      The Matrice 600 is a ready-to-fly system that features actively cooling motors for extremely reliable flights. The full Zenmuse line of cameras and gimbals are compatible with the Matrice 600 Pro system. For those in professional industries, the Matrice 600 is the ideal drone system for any application. 

      A3 Pro Flight Controller 

      The A3 Pro Flight Controller features triple modular redundancy. A brand new dampening system additionally enables more precise control for more accurate data collection during flights. With the upgraded  D-RTK GNSS system the A3 Pro is resistant to magnetic interference and will provide pilots with to the centimetre-level accuracy for any industrial application.

      Easy Set-Up

      The Matrice 600 Pro is designed to be easy to set up and fly. The drone’s body is designed with folding frame arms and quick-release landing gear. The Matrice 600 Pro additionally comes with a customizable case to protect the unit from any potential damage.

      Extended Flight Time and Range

      The Matrice 600 Pro features a 5 km range and an extended flight time of up to 30 minutes depending on the payload thanks to the drones 6 battery system. If one battery fails the six batteries ensure that the drone can still safely land during flight. The Matrice 600 Pro comes with six charging tubes so users can quickly and easily charge six Intelligent Batteries all simultaneously.

      Zenmuse Compatibility

      The Matrice 600 Pro incompatible with the full Zenmuse Camera line and can hold a maximum payload of 6 kg. Additionally, the drone can support the Ronin-MX gimbal, the DJI Focus remote and a wide range of Micro Four Thirds camera including the RED EPIC.

      Fully Customizable

      The Matrice 600 Pro is compatible with DJI Onboard and Mobile SDK. The drone additionally has four CAN ports and an API port so users can add third party accessories to their drone to fit the exact needs of the job.