Matrice 600



In The Kit

  • Matrice 600 
  • Center Frame (Includes A3 and Lightbridge 2)
  • 6x Frame Arms with the Propeller Holder 
  • 2x Landing Gear Legs
  • Landing Skid
  • Left Retractable Module
  • Right Retractable Module
  • 2x Retractable Module Mounting Rods
  • 2xx Retractable Module Brackets
  • Radio Controller Transmitter
  • 6x TB47S Flight Batteries
  • 2x Charging Hubs
  • 2x Springs
  • 2x Battery Chargers
  • AC Power Cable for Charger
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • GPS-Compass Pro
  • GSP Mount
  • 6x Arm Stoppers
  • Landing Gear Stopper
  • 6x Knobs with Gasket
  • Screws Set
  • Double Sided Tape Set
  • Tape
  • Battery Stickers

A Powerful Industrial Platform  

The Matrice 600 is a hexacopter specifically designed by DJI for professional and industrial applications. The drone can carry a total weight of 33 pounds and is centrally designed around DJI’s advanced A3 flight controller as well as the DJI Lightbridge 2 system for HD resolution and low latency. The drone is compatible with a variety of cameras in the Zenmuse line, the Ronin-MX gimbal, as well as a variety of third-party cameras.

The Matrice 600 features six rotors for added redundancy and stability in the air. The drone also features six batteries for added safety and an extended flight time. With the Zenmuse X5 or XT camera, the Matrice 600 features a flight time of maximum 35 minutes while with the Ronin-MX or an even heavier payload will feature a flight time of around 16 minutes.

 The Matrice 600 comes with the drone, remote controller, a full set of flight batteries, the charger, and flight controller. Additional hardware including the camera gimbal and other accessories are sold separately.

Modular Build

The Matrice 600 is designed to make the drone easy to assemble so that users can start flying as soon as possible. The drone features a alumni body, retractable landing gear, and fold-down carbon fibre arms for easy maintenance and maximum durability. The retractable landing gear ensures that the drones legs won't show up in any footage while the carbon fibre arms give the drone more stability as well as make the unit much more portable.

Powerful Motors

The Matrice 600 is built with DJI’s E2000 Tuned Propulsion system that includes the 6010 motors and 2170 propellers. The Matrice is able to lift such a heavy payload and stay quieter in the air thanks to its powerful motors. The motors also provided added safety value. If one of the motors fail in the air, the drone can recover and still safely land.

Limitless Customization Options

The Matrice 600 is the perfect aerial platform for users that are looking for a powerful and still extremely customizable system. DJI;s full line of gimbals and cameras are compatible. The Matrice 600 features dual parallel CAN and API ports for connecting DJI devices or even any third party components.

Gimbal Options

The Matrice 600 is compatible with all the DJI’s Zenmuse series of cameras and gimbals and can support a maximum payload of 13.2 pounds which allows the Ronin-MX gimbal to be equipped to the drone along with a wide range of cameras including the Micro Four Thirds systems and the RED EPIC. 

High-Quality Design

The Matrice 600 features a dust-proof propulsion system that makes maintenance easy while the drones motors actively cool themselves for reliable and safe operation over extended periods of time. 

A3 Controller

The GNSS based A3 system acts as the brain of the Matrice 600 system. With data from the GPs, various sensors, and the drones compass, the drone is provided with stabilization and redundancy in the air. Additionally, the Matrice 600 is designed with various expansion bays and ports so that users can equip the drone with a variety of third-party accessories including computing boards, sensors and more.

DJI Go App

The Matrice 600 supports the DJI Go App and the DJI Assistant 2. Pilots can get a live HD view, redundancy status, transmission strength, battery status and more via the DJI Go App. Through the App, users can additionally control their drone’s camera settings including shutter speed, ISO, aperture and more. The DJI Assistant 3 supports DJi’s new GroundStation and firmware updates, and even comes with a built-in flight simulator so that pilots can practice their piloting before they are in the air.


The Matrice 600 can fly up to 3.1 miles giving pilots plenty of freedom to fly and get the job done. 

Optional Upgrade to A3 Pro

Users have the option to upgrade the Matrice 600 with the A3 Pro for triple redundancy to the flight controller. The A3 Pro features diagnostic algorithm s that will compare sensor data from three sets of different units in real-time so that the aircraft's flights are as stable and accurate as possible. 


The Matrice 600 runs with six DJI Intelligent flight batteries give the drone the power to lift a heavy weight and keep the entire system running. The six batteries also give the drone more safety in the air. If one battery fails the drone can recalculate itself and hover in place or land automatically. The battery life of the Matice 600 depends on the payload and environmental conditions. 

Upgrade to D-RTK GNSS 

DJI’s A3 GNSS system can be upgraded with RTK for enhanced navigational accuracy in the air. With dual antennas, the RK will provide the Matrice 600 with more precision and make it less susceptible to any surround magnetic interference from any metal structures.

HD Transmission 

DJI Lightbridge 3 has been created by DJI To meet the demanding requirements of industrial and commercial endeavors. The system offers users high frame rates and HD streaming. With various USB, mini-HDMI and 3D-SDI ports users can have video output up to 1080p/60fps or a broadcast standard output of 720p/69.94 frames per second as well as 1080/50 frames per second.


DJI’s Onboard SDK and Mobile SDK are both compatible with the Matrice 600 so that researchers and developers can create software tailor-made to any industrial application. With dual parallel CAN and API ports, users can connect various DJI devices including the Guidance sensor system, GNSS RTK units or any other third party accessories.