Matrice 100

In The Box

  • 1x DJI Matrice 100
  • 1x Remote Controller
  • 1x Center Frame with Battery Compartment
  • 1x Frame Arm
  • 3x Quick-Release Propeller Pairs
  • 1x Mobile Device Holder
  • 1x TB47D Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 1x Battery Charger with AC Cable
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1x GPS Module
  • 1x GPS Bracket Set
  • 4x Arm Fastener
  • 2x Expansion Bay
  • 1x Gimbal Mounting Plate
  • 4x Vibration Damper
  • 1x XT30 to XT60 Cable
  • 1x UART Cable
  • 1x 2.0 Hex Key
  • 1x Slotted Screwdriver
  • 1x Double-Sided Tape
  • Screws Set
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Matrice 100

The Matrice 100 is a drone DJI specifically designed for developers and researchers looking for a customizable aerial platform. A wide variety of applications including inspections, search and rescue, and more can all benefit from the powerful, and customizable system of the DJI Matrice 100.

The Matrice 100 comes with a flight controller, GPS, the Lightbridge system, a dedicated controller, propulsion system and battery, so users can easily get their drone flying steadily and reliably in the air effortlessly.

Built to Last

The Matrice 100 is designed with durable and lightweight carbon fibre to reduce vibrations in the air as well as increase stiffness.

Customizable and Programmable

With the DJI SDK system, developers can create custom programs that are tailored to any industrial application. The Matrice 100 features various expansion bays and ports so users can add any additional accessories or components including sensors, computing boards and cameras (DJI Zenmuse X3, X5, XT and X5R.) 

Extended Flight Time and Range

The Matrice 100 features a dual battery system for a battery life of up to 40 minutes, giving users plenty of room to get the job done. The Matrice 100 also features a range of up to 5 km.