Focus Remote

Advanced Focus Precision

Powerful precision and focus is in the palm of your hand thanks to the DJI Focus remote. With DJI's expert brushless motors users have ±0.02° of accuracy at their disposal. The Focus Remote's high torque also allows for a fast reaction speed so that users can keep the object they are shooting in complete focus. 

Wireless Transmission

The Focus remote has a wireless range of 100m from the ground with just 14ms of lag. Connected to any Inspire aircraft equipped with a Zenmuse X5 or X5R camera, the Focus Remote will connect directly to the drone's remote for smooth camera control. Connected to the Inspire 1 remote controller the Focus Remote can work within a 5 km range wirelessly. The Focus remote is also compatible with the Ronin-MX on the Matrice 600, for a full 5 km range. 

Custom Focus Wheel 

Users can easily adjust the feel of the feel of their Focus Remote. With the simple turn of a knob, users can conveniently adjust the looseness or stiffness of the wheel to suit their own personal preference.

Battery Power

The Focus Remote comes with one single cell chargeable battery that can easily be swapped out for an extended battery life. 

Communication Ports 

With dual, built-in communication ports users can extend the capabilities of their Focus Remote at their preference.