A3 Pro



The A3 pro system is a customizable flight controller system, featuring stability, accuracy and reliability that is essential in a demanding industrial or cinematic application. Provides high levels of customization and support for a multitude of professional grade accessories.

Innovative and Reliable

The A3 Pro system features complete and accurate flight control for reliable and accurate flights for any demanding industrial endeavor.

Optional Triple Modular Redundancy

The A3 Pro can be equipped with a total of three IMUs, three GPS+Compass units for redundancy. The A3 Pro can correct erroneous sensor readings using the additional sensors using advanced diagnostic and flight algorithms. The A3 Pro maximizes reliability and safety of the system. A regular A3 can be upgraded to the A3 Pro using two A3 Upgrade Kits.


Advanced multi-sensor fusion algorithms used by the DJI A3 improve hovering and flight accuracy. The A3 Pro auto adapts to a wide range of airframe configurations without requiring the user to manually tune parameters.  The A3 Pro can auto compensate in case of partial propulsion failure to safely land.

SDK Compatibility

The A3 can provide industry solutions in union with D-RTK GNSS, smart ESCs, Lightbridge 2, and intelligent batteries. Onboard and Mobile SDK’s can access any flight data as well as control the aircraft gimbal and camera.

DRTK Compatibility

The A3 and the A3 pro are compatible with the D-RTK GNSS system for centimeter level accuracy. The D-RTK system uses advanced positioning algorithms that reference the ground station for accuracy and makes the aircraft resistant to magnetic interference. The D-RTK system does not rely on the magnetic compass or the barometer for heading and altitude. 

Controller Support

The A3 Pro supports works best when paired with a Lightbridge 2 kit. However it does support a wide range of receivers and controllers namely Futaba, Spektrum and other S-Bus compatible kits.