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Commercial DJI Drones with Thermal Imaging

Aerial thermal inspections enable those in the commercial sector to easily detect and analyze energy that was previously invisible to the naked eye. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, workers in industries including firefighting, search and rescue, precision agriculture and more, have a fast and economical way to stay on top of maintenance, maximize efficiency, and keep workers out of harm’s way. A drone equipped with a thermal camera can enable users to effortlessly detect damage on equipment or buildings, pinpoint the location of victims in emergency situations, or even analyze plant health. Attaining thermal image data from the air is now easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

surveying and INSPECTIONS

The commercial sector demands efficient, reliable and regular inspections to stay on top of operations and better detect problems before they grow. With the ability to easily pinpoint defects or faulty equipment, companies can save on resources by running less risk of potential downtime or growing damage to equipment that may have slipped under the radar. With all of the expenses that come with alternative aerial inspections methods such as helicopters or planes, a drone equipped with a thermal camera can efficiently detect potential hazards that may occur in a variety of inspection fields at half of the cost.



Aerial thermal energy can help users in the energy sector vastly reduce the time, cost, and manpower of traditional aerial inspections in a field where regular surveys and maintenance of equipment are critical to the safety and efficiency of operations. From wind farms to solar farms, thermal imagery can better detect any defects or temperature imbalances in equipment to optimize operations and prevent future damage from occurring. With a drone in the air, inspections are more efficient and effective.



A thermal camera attached to a drone can help search and rescue crews easily detect the heat signatures of victims through areas of low visibility in situations where every second counts. With a thermal camera in the air, crews can search through thick canopy coverage in the wilderness, or use the drone as a night vision tool to continue a mission even after the sun has set.



In emergency situations, a thermal view from the air can enable fire crews to quickly scan over a fire to extinguish flames faster and safer than ever before. With a drone broadcasting a thermal view from an aerial perspective, fire crews can easily and efficiently detect hotspots, measure the temperatures inside of a structure, track the path of fire or smoke, or spot victims who could still be trapped.



Multispectral of infrared cameras can be used in the agricultural sector to help better analyze the condition of crops or crop threats, observe livestock, or even view subtle temperature differences that can be viewed to help users better plan out crop strategy for the most optimal season possible. Thermal images captured via a drone can be used for: plant disease detection, yield estimation, temperature monitoring, pesticide management, to highly the differences between healthy and unhealthy plants, and more.



A survey with a drone that is equipped with a thermal camera can easily assess the conditions of power lines to prevent damage and potential outages from occurring. Damage to power line structures can be easily pinpointed with aerial thermal imagery, and surveys can be regularly conducted to ensure that power lines are running as optimally as possible, while also keeping workers safe.

customizable DJI Drones

Dr Drone has worked with government departments and commercial businesses to custom build drones that are tailored to fit the exact needs of a job. Working with a variety of clients, Dr Drone has made custom drones for search and rescue, crop spraying, bridge inspections, and more. At Dr Drone we can modify or customize your drone for all of your personal or professional needs. We are also happy to offer whole pricing to sellers in Canada.  

The Matrice 100 is a drone that was made to be built and customized to fit the specific needs of a job. The M100 features a dual battery set up for extended battery life and the ability to be fully customized thanks to its extra expansion bays. With the Matrice 100’s additional bays and ports, users can add different sensors, cameras, or computing boards to fit the exact specifications of the job at hand. With the innovative pairing of the Matrice 100 and a FLIR thermal camera, industries including agriculture, energy, construction and more can transform the way they conduct operations while also saving on resources.


Drones can be a very simply tool to use when the operator is educated on all the proper functions and controls. Dr Drone offers training and workshops so that users can confidently operate their drone, whether they are flying for fun or looking to integrate a drone into their business. We make sure that the learning process is easy and informative so that our clients can get the most use out of their drone. Our training workshops and one on one technical support is always available to ensure that you get the most accurate information possible on the functionality of your drone for the best flying experience possible. Our knowledgeable staff can offer workshops and training on flying, photography, 3D mapping, surveying, and inspections.  

UAv Care and Maintenance

Drones are the most exciting and innovative pieces of technology available on the market today. Unfortunately, over time or with improper use, UAVs can sustain serious damages and malfunctions. At Dr Drone we offer numerous repair and maintence services to keep your drone running like the first time you flew it. Whether you exerience any obvious malfunctiong hardware or software, or have begun to notice a general decline in performance, bring you drone in to be looked at by our specialists to restore your drone to its former condition and get it flying like new.

We recommend that drone pilots of every level read the instructions that come with their drone carefully, esepcially for those that are brand new to flying. We also strongly recommend to fly in wide open areas such as a field for your first few flights to ensure your first flights are crash-free. If you experience any malfuntioning or if you find that your drone is damaged in any way, have your drone insepcted by a professional technician as soon as possible. One of our technicians is always available to speak with you in person or by phone, email or Live Chat.