DJI Spark Filters - Cinema Series - Shutter Collection


DJI Spark Filters 

The DJI Spark Cinema Series Shutter Collection by PolarPro, is made of the highest-quality materials to provide users with the best image quality and craftsmanship possible.

The Spark Cinema Series collection features the ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters, each designed with the best-quality production glass and AR Coatings. The primary use of an ND filter is to reduce the camera’s shutter speed for smoother, more cinematic footage.

The glass is coated with aircraft-grade aluminum, for a lightweight yet durable result.

The filters are also backed by PolarPro’s lifetime guarantee. Additionally, PolarPro guarantees that the filters are completely compatible with the Spark’s camera start-up initialization and are designed to work seamlessly and within the weight-load the Spark’s gimbal.

If you are looking to capture stunning aerial footage and stills from the airways, the DJI Spark Cinema Series filter 3-pack is the perfect product to take your image quality to a whole new level.

Filters Included:

ND8 Filter: The ND8 will reduce shutter speed by 3-stops. The main purpose of the ND8 filter is to slow the shutter speed for smoother, more cinematic looking video. The ND8 will show best results on partly cloudy or overcast days.

ND16 Filter: The ND16 will reduce the shutter speed by 4-stops and is best used on sunny, or partly cloudy days. The ND16 will make footage look smoother and more cinematic.

ND32 Filter: The ND32 will reduce your camera’s shutter speed by 5-stops and is best used on very bright and sunny days.