Included In Package:

  • 1x Drone
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Full Set of Propellers and 1 extra set (CW + CCW)

The Revolutionary Mini-Drone - DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is roughly the size of the palm of your hand, and DJI's most advanced yet affordable consumer drone released to date.  The Spark features all new intelligent flight modes, a 2-axis mechanical gimbal, and a 1080p 12-megpixel camera to take your aerial creativity to new heights. 


The DJI Spark is extremely small and compact, roughly the size of a mobile device. The Spark weighs just 300 grams, yet for such a small size, is jam-packed with innovative and powerful intelligent flight features. 

The Spark comes with a variety of colour options including Meadow Green, Sunrise Yellow, Lava Red, Alpine White, and Sky Blue, so that pilots can further personalize their drone experience. 

The Spark'propellers feature an easy twist system to quickly lock the propellers in place. The propellers also fold down so that users can conveniently pack up their drone to take with them wherever their drone adventures take them.

Flight Time  

The Spark features a flight time of approximately 16 minutes. The drones battery features light indicators so users can easily view their drone's current battery life.

Range and Flight Performance 

The DJI Spark can fly an astonishing 50 kilometres per hour, and thanks to DJI's revolutionary stabilization technology can fly in winds up to 20-28 kph. Users can fly the Spark within a range of 100 metres using their cell phone. When using the Remote Controller, the Sparks range will extend to a full 2 kilometres. 


The DJI Spark has a camera that features a 1080p 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2.3" sensor to enable users to capture stunning footage from the airways. The Spark can support both a ShallowFocus mode and Pano mode so pilots can easily take dynamic, high-quality shots. Using the DJI Go 4 App, users can also conveniently make quick edits to their video and photos then share them directly across all social media channels.

All New Intelligent Flight Modes 

With the DJI Spark's new intelligent flight modes users can now take stunning and dynamic aerial shots with just a simple tap. With the Spark's new PalmControl modes users will be able to control the movement of the drone with simple hand gestures. Users can have the Spark launch and land from the palm of their hand, take quick and easy selfies, or control the direction their drone flies in with a simple wave. 

The Spark features Four new Quick Shot modes that include Circle, Helix, Dronie, and Rocket, each capable of taking dynamic autonomous shots. The Spark is also DJI's first drone to feature brand new TapFly flight modes including Direction and Coordinate mode. In Coordinate Mode, users can tap on their screen while having the drone fly in that direction and maintain a steady altitude. In Direction Mode pilots can tap their screen and have the drone simply fly in that direction. 

An Innovative Drone for Users of Any Level 

Overall, the DJI Spark's compact yet durable design, all new flight features, and high-quality camera make it the perfect new drone for pilots of all levels looking for a fun and easy drone to explore the airways.