DJI Tracktenna


DJI Tracktenna

Excellent reception is essential for wireless communication equipment and must be able to resist interference, and transmit a stable signal over long distances.

When controlling a drone with a remote controller, pointing the antennas towards the drone is the best way to garner stable bandwidth. In environments with obstructions, movement restrictions, or magnetic interference, turning the antennas to face the drone is not always the most efficient or effective way to get the job done. With the boosted gain and automatic repositioning of Tracktenna, professional UAV operators can now get perfect signal strength.

Antenna Technology

Tracktenna can attain signals at both 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz. Signal reception is also 32 times stronger with 100 times less interference. With the most advanced low noise and power amplifier, Tracktenna can compensate for any potential cable power loss.

Tracktenna’s full potential is unleashed when used with DJI’s Cendence remote controller or the Inspire 2, able to transmit data at 10 Mbps within a 2-km range for the highest quality image transmission. With long-distance flight is needed, Tracktenna has a maximum range of 10 km.

Auto Tracking

Tracktenna can determine the antennas current heading and attitude by using gyroscope, compass, barometer, accelerometer and GNSS module. Paired with the remote controller data that is transmitted through the CAN bus port, Tracktenna can detect the position of the aircraft, while pointing towards it with its 2-axis gimbal.

Cendence Remote Controller Compatibility

Tracktenna can be connected to the Cendence remote controller via 1.5 m or 15 m CAN bus and coaxial cables.

Unmatched Versatility

Even if Tracktenna is mounted onto a tripod or moving in a car, boat or other vehicle, Tracktenna features automatic repositioning for signal stability and reduction of interference.

Wide-Ranging Applications

Tracktenna can be used for a wide variety of applications in sectors like search and rescue, filmmaking, HD Live video broadcasting, power line inspections and more. Tracktenna is compatible with the Cendence remote controller, Inspire 2, and the Matrice 200 series.