DJI, Ryze, Disney & Marvel Announce New Tello Iron Man Edition | Fly Like A Hero

DJI, Ryze, Disney & Marvel Announce New Tello Iron Man Edition | Fly Like A Hero

April 03, 2019


DJI and Ryze Tech collaborated in the past to release the Ryze Tello, a drone specifically made for beginners looking to learn how to fly a drone, at DJI's most affordable price point for a consumer drone to date. Now, the two companies have struck an exciting new collaboration with Disney and Marvel to launch the Tello Iron Man Edition, so that any user will be able to conquer the skies just like Tony Stark.

The Tello Iron Man Edition has received a revamp in its look, sporting the classic Iron Man suit design and an upgraded flight app that features the voice of Iron Man's virtual Assistant FRIDAY, for an even more immersive experience that makes you feel like you are in Marvel's Avengers universe.

Tello Iron Man Design

Inspired by Iron Man's classic red and gold armor suit, the Tello Iron Man Edition's body includes Iron Man's heroic Arc Reactor, motors, and propellers dipped in gold. Small, compact and able to fit in the palm of your hand, the Tello Iron Man Edition is easy to store and take with you on any heroic adventure.

Immersive flight Experience

The new Tello Iron Man Edition comes with the new Tello Hero App that gives users an immersive peak into the world of Iron Man. With the help of FRIDAY, Iron Man's AI assistant, users can complete voice-guided missions. FRIDAY will also help to teach users the basics of flying, camera operation, and how to use the Tello's intelligent flight modes by either tracking down potential subjects or dodging approaching missiles.

The Tello Iron Man Edition is also compatible with other Tello apps including the original Tello App, Tello EDU, and the Swift Playgrounds App, as well as Scratch and Python so that anyone can learn how to fly and program their drone to fly and perform exciting tricks in the air just like Tony Stark.

As safe as iron man's armor

The Tello Iron Man Edition features the same flight functionality and controls as its predecessor that enables stable, accurate flying and a variety of intelligent flight modes for the safest flight experience possible. The system also features Low Battery Protection, soft yet durable propellers, and propeller guards to ensure that the Tello is always ready for any aerial invaders.

dji Intelligent Flight Functions

Drone pilots can perform heroic feats in the air and save the day with the Tello Iron Man Edition's Intelligent Flight Modes. Users can experience programmed flight modes like Throw & Go, 8D flips, and 360 to make flying even easier and more fun.

fly farther, see better

With the Tello Iron Man's innovative camera system users will be able to record 720p video with real-time video transmission to their mobile device or capture 5-megapixel stills. The Tello's Electronic Image Stabilization also ensures that anything shot is as smooth and shake-free as possible. Finally, with up to 13 minutes of flight time and a 100-meter range, users will be able to soar through the skies just like their Marvel hero.

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