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3DR Solo

3DR Solo

Dr. Drone is the premier supplier of UAVs and UAV accessories in Canada. Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Dr. Drone has been on the technological forefront of UAVs for many years now. Some of the most popular and technologically advanced products we have available are our 3D Robotic Drones. These devices are the most powerful tools on today’s market to render high-quality 3D images with accuracy and precision. Here is some more information on the incredible 3D Robotic Drones available for purchase today from Dr. Drone.


Uses and Purposes

The 3D Robotics Drones can be used for a variety of purposes. Originally developed as military technology, drones have crossed over to the regular consumer market in recent years and are now available for a variety of purposes, including recreation, GPS mapping, and more.

Drones are the latest evolution of model aircrafts and remote-controlled aviation devices that hobbyists have flown for years. With advanced drone technology, you can now fly your drone using a remote control or let it fly on its own with the use of programmed coordinates. The stunning new features offered by drones have advanced the world of recreational remote controlled flying and racing.

Drones aren't just for hobbyists either. The video and GPS mapping capabilities of drones can be used to survey large plots of land faster and more conveniently than ever before, and this technology is being harnessed by farmers and urban planners across the country. Some of the other uses for 3D Robotics Drones may include:



  Mapping and surveillance

  Geotagging for utilities and telecom management

  Public safety services such as search and rescue teams and firefighters


3DR Solo—The World’s First Smart Drone

One of our most popular 3D robotics drones is the 3DR Solo, the world’s first smart drone. The 3DR Solo runs through two 1 GHz computers, one on the copter and one in the controller, connected via a powerful dedicated WiFi signal. This allows the 3DR Solo to do amazing things that no personal drone has ever been able to do. Its powerful and one-of-a-kind computer-assisted Smart Shot modes allow this innovative UAV to fly itself so you can focus on shooting; the perfect photo or video is always just a few taps away. The 3DR Solo is also the first all-in-one drone to offer live streaming of HD video from your GoPro directly to your mobile device, as well as built-in HDMI for live broadcast in HD.

The advanced technology involved in the 3DR Solo makes flying easy for beginners and pros alike. Smooth and powerful satellite-guided flight ensures the 3DR Solo’s position is always accurate, and Smart Shot modes keep it locked onto predetermined flight paths. It also has a new easy-to-use video game-style controller for improved user friendliness. This controller features one-button flight controls that allow the 3DR Solo to take off, land and return home automatically.


Dr. Drone—Your Number One Provider of 3D Robotics Drones

3D Robotics Drones are some of the most advanced and sophisticated pieces of 3D imagining technologies available on the market today. Find the perfect 3D robotic imaging UAV for you from Dr. Drone. We have the latest innovations in 3D imaging UAV technology, and we also offer maintenance and repair services to keep your drone in excellent working condition for a long time to come.

At Dr. Drone, we are committing to providing our customers with high quality products as well as excellent customer service. As one of the longest and most trusted commercial UAV suppliers in the country, we have a responsibility to provide our clients with only the very best, which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services to ensure that your drone is working exactly how you want it to.

If you ever experience any issues with your 3D Robotics Drone, bring in your unit to our repair centre and one of our professional technicians will get your drone working like new as fast as possible. We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your UAV as up-to-date as possible. If you ever have any technical questions and concerns, our team of technical experts would be more than happy to talk with you in person or via phone, email, or through our Live Chat online messaging system. For more information about our wide range of UAV products and to order your own 3D imagining drone today, contact us at Dr. Drone.